Boss Monster, as you may have gleaned from perusing the site and silly things being published all over it, is a web-comic. Chronicling the lives and experiences of several citizens in Deluge City, you might be able to call it a ‘slice of life’ comic.

Except that it takes place in a modern world that is full of goblins, ogres, dangerously unexplorable dungeons, vampires, necromancy and witches in addition to more regular concepts, like people, overcrowded schools, pizza delivery guys and political unrest. Even the term slice of life may be looked at as a little semantically inaccurate when one of our leading focuses in the swampland metropolis is most unliving.

That and, of course, their day-to-day grind includes not-strictly-legal pit fighting with troll changelings, black market blood and organ trade amongst undead clans and necromancers, joy-riding with mermaid-cursed fishermen and generally being at the beck and call of several high-ranking denizens of the city with more money than morality.