Another 5 page comic short to follow Humans, Shattered, Reunion and Cause & Effect.

Cause And Effect

Yet another comic short in that series of purple-esque comic shorts I’ve done.



This is a sequel to Shattered, which itself, was a sequel to Humans.

Guerrilla Nerdfare Podcast – Commission

The commissioned piece I did for a quartet of rad associates of mine, who make a podcast – they call it Guerrilla Nerdfare, and they use it to casually (non-scriptedly, maybe, is a better word?) discuss games, movies, etc!

Guerrilla Nerdfare is built on the principle that we’re just four guys talking about the stuff that interests us. No script, no rigid structure; just nerdy talk. We’re real, so we burp, fart, curse, blaspheme, tell horrible jokes. If you wanna join our little circle, feel free to like us here, like our posts, leave feedback on Soundcloud and iTunes, email us, etc. All the stuff you need is below.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/…/guerrilla-nerdfare/id1040733530

RSS (for podcast apps): http://feeds.soundcloud.com/…/soundcloud:users:3…/sounds.rss