Bjorn Stiansen

Bjorn StiansenBjorn Stiansen
21 y/o

With even a second or third glance, Bjorn is lucky enough to blend in with the majority, but deportation is a looming threat in dual natures; not just possessing a back-history of being a human baby being replaced with a troll pup, he’s an unregistered foreigner. In the face of his grievous situation, having been transplanted from a far less advanced corner of Regnacht in his late teens in a presumed slave raid, he stays steadfastly cheerful. They do say ignorance is bliss, but even with a severe language block and a rather one-track mind when it comes to more simple needs, he is doggedly loyal to both Sebastian and Roddy as they stick together against life’s odds, with a frequent hint of something brewing under the gentle surface.







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