Desma van Soust

Bjorn StiansenDesma van Soust
24 y/o

A savvy young woman gifted with social grace and her wealthy parents’ trust fund, Desma’s lineage and close personal company in the city of Deluge have kept her in a standing just bordering on the cusp of infamy. Not known for cattiness or petty squabbling in the circles of heiress drama that permeates gossip rags and shallow intrigue on the western side of the bridge, she is also not renown for any major charitable work or notable donations; but with no mistakes, the name van Soust is very familiar to anyone who follows business, in large part due to her father. At best, it makes her appearance on the eastern harbour’s docks, as a young and physically harmless rich girl who would be more in-place in a VIP lounge, markedly suspicious. Her reputation is certainly more someone who possesses opportunities, than that of one who offers them.







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