Rodney Royal

Rodney RoyalRodney “Roddy”/”Rod” Royal
25 y/o
Altered Human (Nereid-Cursed)

Having already had as solid a foothold as a monster can have in place where they’re not wanted, Rodney – or as he prefers, Roddy – was the luckiest acquaintance Sebastian and Bjorn could have made; he was in the market for two flat mates, and the most knowledgeable source on getting work at a shipping dock. As his prior two roommates were likewise former fishermen who received the Nereid Curse, they abandoned land to take their new physiology into the Outer Oceans. With no time to spend on brooding this (outside of the occasional, understandable anger) and no desire to consider a new life under the sea, he finds plenty to occupy himself with; cars, driving, girls, bars, his dog, or any mix of this with loud banter and good beer.






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