More side-art!

If I get too much of it, I’ll be sure to set up some kind of on-site gallery, but for now, it’s just off-site links to deviantArt and tumblr and the like. But feel free to head over to dA to check out another new picture of Sebastian I did up over the past day, mostly as a shading experiment.

I hope you like pink.

Summer Time Pin Ups!

If you didn’t check it out over on dA or tumblr, I am formally reposting some Boss Monster artwork over here!

SPF Will Vary by Sephiramy– Sephiramy or Amy, as it were, who is Boss Monster’s co-writer! This pictures our mysterious lady-in-white-and-gold and a mysterious Bride of Frankenstien-haired lady enjoying a pleasant beach.

And on the obviously less-glamorous side of Boss Monster’s cast, particularly the “we can’t afford the beach trip and we can’t afford air conditioning so we’re waiting outside in this humid swamp hell-hole” is, well. The guys!

I am also including some close-up looks at the latter picture, which is all my guilty doing. I haven’t done a non-regular cel shaded picture in a while with anything besides just the background, and there are some parts of the picture I feel got lost in the down-size shuffle. Mostly Bugsy – the dog’s – drooling all over that pic-a-nic table, so. Here ya all go!

Click them all you like, if you want to see a needlessly huge part of a tiny piece of the big picture.