As the name implies, this will be a page for “extra” content. Icons, links to things, promo artwork, goofy side-comics and gag drawings, maybe some concept art, Derpy Seagull Appreciation Gallery; things that aren’t needed for the main story to be appreciated, but may add to it if you’ve read everything else on this site and still have more time to kill.

Speaking of galleries! And promo art, at that! Either click the header of this paragraph or right here to see the artwork that has been re-filed onto that page, instead of sticking around in the archives of the comic, in some cases.

Other Tales
Some other comic pages that are listed here, in addition to the main comic index!

Map of Deluge City
A simplistic map of Deluge City; the story’s main setting. This isn’t a catch-all reference and there may never be a full-fledged, detailed map to come from this illustration, but it sets enough of a picture for people to possibly understand how certain locations are placed in relation to one another, if they want to know.