Shattered is a sequel to Humans.

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  1. Best of luck with Shattered Reflections. My first novel is due out on 1 November. I’m doing some pre-publicity so I have also come out as a writer to frdnies/family this week! And, I got the I couldn’t possibly do it remark too. Everyone has been brilliantly supportive and excited for me so it was really nice, but actually scary beforehand. I think it is that feeling that your work might not be quite good enough so it is presumptuous to call oneself a writer! I have steered clear of the titles novelist and author though as I don’t think you can claim them until you’ve written at least three!!

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  14. And Sitedad – Although I recognize that this is your blog, I have to call you on the inappropriateness of your insinuations as well. Again, you may or may not know Lois’ story, but associating her words with your own negative statements about the neediness of students gives an impression that is irrelevant to the discussion about layoffs, the budget, etc.Naturally, if you feel differently about this, okee doke. It is your blog.Patrick KoehnPhysics and Astronomy

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