Another 5 page comic short to follow Humans, Shattered, Reunion and Cause & Effect.


This is a sequel to Shattered, which itself, was a sequel to Humans.

Ignatius Rafi – Pageant Entry

I did some illustrations of Rafi over the course of 2015 for an art contest (nothing fancy, mostly a hobbyist thing I chose to do to have SOMETHING I finish through the year in case I didn’t do any comics; I wound up doing both!), and I’m just collecting them here so I can show off the progress. TheĀ first drawing is April, and the last was in December.


I also had some bonus comics and rounds…! Between rounds two and three…

Bonus Round - Cliff Jumping

Bonus comic - Mermaid Breach

And, between rounds 5/6.

Pick A Feature


Shattered is a sequel to Humans.

Humans – Concept Art

Some side-images that can go along with the creation process to my comic short, Humans.

Concept Art

The capture vehicle, and some basic plantlife to get the shapes and style down.


The holding cell, the test experiment outfit, some of the humans who work in the Worth Co. facility.


The Phoenix seen in the lab facility.


A work-in-progress shot of the humans who live in Dome City.



Another work-in-progress closeup of Bedrock looking at Dome City as they arrive.


The rough thumbnails I used to pace the story out.