Boss Monster – On The List

The second chapter of Boss Monster’s run, featuring character and scripting cameos via Amy over at The Muse Mentor!

Boss Monster – Rock Bottom

The prologue to Boss Monster, introducing us to Sebastian, Roddy and Bjorn, and letting us see into their life when Desma entered it, and things turned around.


Summer Time Pin Ups!

If you didn’t check it out over on dA or tumblr, I am formally reposting some Boss Monster artwork over here!

SPF Will Vary by Sephiramy– Sephiramy or Amy, as it were, who is Boss Monster’s co-writer! This pictures our mysterious lady-in-white-and-gold and a mysterious Bride of Frankenstien-haired lady enjoying a pleasant beach.

And on the obviously less-glamorous side of Boss Monster’s cast, particularly the “we can’t afford the beach trip and we can’t afford air conditioning so we’re waiting outside in this humid swamp hell-hole” is, well. The guys!

I am also including some close-up looks at the latter picture, which is all my guilty doing. I haven’t done a non-regular cel shaded picture in a while with anything besides just the background, and there are some parts of the picture I feel got lost in the down-size shuffle. Mostly Bugsy – the dog’s – drooling all over that pic-a-nic table, so. Here ya all go!

Click them all you like, if you want to see a needlessly huge part of a tiny piece of the big picture.